A Nonprofit Humanitarian Aid Agency

Providing healthy relationship skills through family
mediation, guidance-and-counseling, referrals and training

ABC represents immigrant community-wide initiative to renew and revitalize our society, beginning with the family unit. The architects of the organization recognized that the strength
of our community and the future of our city lie within the healthiness of our families.

Our programs and activities are donor-funded. Be encouraged to give by clicking on our secured DONATE button to support this worthy course. Thank you.


To achieve a world where African children, who are the most vulnerable and
disadvantaged, have equal opportunities to survive and thrive.


To help Africa’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children meet basic needs and expand opportunities to reach their full potential through education and family support.

Scope & Commitment

ABC mobilizes material resources and advocates for child-centered policies to ensure special protection for the most disadvantaged children in Africa - victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, subjects of violence, exploitation and those with disabilities.

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